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*grabs the mics right from the Bulletproof Boyscouts* stop singing about unhealthy relationships that you have probably never experienced and go back to commenting on the oppressive korean school system which is a real and prevalent issue 


Girl in luv!Bulletproof Girl Scouts

Another post like this one but with ‘Boy in Luv’(I skipped N.O lmao) 

I wanted to color their hair, you know, to see a bit more difference, but I’m too lazy so just imagine it. And for the clothing I just used the girl’s from the MV.(for those who wanted to see taehyung in a skirt, sorry, she’s still a tomboy) 

Rapmon keeps being a hottie and the fav of all my friends but my personal favorite is Jhope ‘cause it ended up really alike. You know all the deal with “Jungkook is a now a real man”, well, I drew him as a “real woman”, yeah(???) i may do a post with my fav lesbians/otps in bangtan girls

No More Dream || Girl In Luv || Danger


Bulletproof Girl Scouts

No More Dream!BTS as girls cause I have no life. All my friends liked Rap Monster the best. I may do GirlBoy in luv too also v is a tomboy ((ALSO, SUGA LOOKS LIKE MINZY SHOULD I FEEL SORRY cute though))


No More Dream || Girl In Luv || Danger


Bulletproof Girl Scouts

…attack once again! And this time they come with some DANGER.

As promised, I drew female!BTS Danger MV ver. Compared to the first one, I think I’ve improved a lot. They’re more recognizable now! (though that post keeps getting notes like wtf)

No More Dream || Girl In Luv || Danger

(I’ll be editing all the posts everytime I do another one, still haven’t done N.O, Just One Day, or We’re Bulletproof Pt.2 eras….maybe one day….maybe)

demonstrate your beatbox to the expert, if they reply back with a beatbox, then that person is your expert.
[TRANSLATION] Sehun - 140902 Elle Magazine Hong Kong: “I am a very interesting child”



Elle: The members are saying that you are growing up very fast. Do you feel it yourself?

Sehun: Yes, everyone who sees me says that. I am very tall, my shoulders are getting broader, and it looks like it is going to continue. Thinking about it, I have changed a lot since when I first debuted….but I hope I will stop growing, as I have grown too much (smile).

Elle: With you being cold on the outside and warm on the inside, do you get mistaken as unfriendly due to your appearance?

Sehun: (Acting awkward) based on expressions, especially when I have no expression, I tend to look like I am very aloof and arrogant. But my character is not like that, fans know it. But in the beginning, people who don’t know me well could be mistaken. The truth is; I am not a bad child, but a kind hearted child (said with a smile)

Elle: When being mistaken, do you feel disappointed?

Sehun: Yes, at the start I felt hurt, but now i know where my problem is, so to clear up everyone’s misunderstandings, I have been making some cheerful expressions.

Elle: When conversing with someone, do you take the initiative or do you wait for someone to start the conversation?

Sehun: I don’t take the initiative.

Elle: Can you tell us about your childhood?

Sehun: How did I grow up? (Suddenly turning towards Lay “Hyung, how did you answer?”, Lay: “I said I worked very hard to grow up”) I worked very hard to grow up (tape recorder replaying)…
Hahahaha! (After laughing alot) Alright, there is this very interesting thing, when I was studying in Primary 6, I was eating tteokbokki at my neighbourhood nearby when I was scouted by SM Entertainment, if I didn’t eat that at that time, I wouldn’t have become a member of EXO (everyone laughing)

Elle: Being a dance addict, what is the biggest charm of dance in your opinion?

Sehun: Showing a different side of one’s self. Very difficult isn’t it? I find it tough too.

Elle: Do you care more about the technique or feel of dance?

Sehun: Both are equally important, and very difficult. But I think I am the feel kind. (peeks at Lay who is opposite, “Hyung, what should I say for this, hahaha!”, this time round Lay stuffed rice into his mouth while saying : “I dont want to be here anymore, you don’t even answer properly”)

Elle: Is it because of your interest in dancing that you’re good friends with Donghae sunbae?

Sehun: Nope, it has no relation with dancing at all. When I first entered the company as a trainee, Donghae hyung was the first person that talked to me. From then on, from practising to debut, he has always taken care of me, so we have this fate.

Elle: What is the compliment that Donghae hyung has given you that makes you happiest?

Sehun: He has never given me a compliment…..

Elle: Did he say anything that has hurt you?

Sehun: That’s also a no, hahaha. In my memory, the most memorable thing he had said to me —— [sharpen your equipements]

Elle: Please state 3 good points about yourself.

Sehun: Hmm… (half a minute has passed)…

Elle: Handsome?

Sehun: No no! If there is a good thing, I really have no idea. Noona, please tell me. (Turn towards coordi noona who acts busy)
I feel that I am a very interesting child, number 2 would be that I am a very warm person, unlike my aloof appearance. Yes yes yes(national language) if you want me to compliment myself, I will say that I can look stylish in anything I wear (said shyly in a soft voice)

Elle: What is your favourite motto in life?

Sehun: You only live once, do the things that makes me happy, live life happily.

Elle: What do you worry about the most?

Sehun: For me, I am constantly worried about our members.

Elle: Which member do you worry about the most?

Sehun: All! I worry about all the members. We, EXO, have a long way to go - so I have to worry about each and every member.

Elle: Because you are the maknae, do the members not take notice of you?

Sehun: Of course not, they couldn’t1 (Laughs)

Elle: Lastly, please say something for ELLE MEN one year anniversary!

Sehun: Firstly, congratulations! (clapping) I hope that this magazine will reach its 10th anniversary, and even its 100th anniversary. That we, EXO, can celebrate such a meaningful event with you, I feel very honoured and happy, the photoshoot today was also very interesting. I hope we can have a photoshoot of EXO as a whole the next time, thank you!

Credit: translation: dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Elle Magazine. (1Note: Meaning that it’s impossible for the members to disregard him)